Khameleon Frames

Store Fixes, Conversion Rate Optimization

Bringing Beautiful Memories to Homes

 Khameleon Frames offers premium quality wall frames made in USA. Having the right frame can transform your living spaces and create an ideal look you want for your interior. Whether you're just a young couple moving into your new home or a university student changing dorms, we help you create, live and love your ever changing artistic journey.

Khameleon Frames wanted to create premium brand that offers top quality wall frames made in USA. The owner's vision was to inject life into photo frames by creating a cool and trendy platform that inspires younger audiences to immortalize their life time experiences in their products. Functionality wise, this store would launch as a single product store focusing on frames of different sizes. This store also required an ordering page for the product that incorporates some way to order one of the three sizes and custom the artwork by uploading an image.  

Get a customised solution for your store.